Life does interrupt every so often

Yesterday ended greatly because we had friends over and ate great food that was good for us. I ate small portions and did drink beer, and quite a few because my great friends Seth and Sara we will be leaving them soon. Yet, the start of the evening did  begin by my lovely wife getting her brand new minivan rear-ended in a parking lot just minutes before Seth and Sara got to our house.

I had taken the boys swimming and Emily had run to the bank to handle some finances for our upcoming home purchase in Birmingham. I told her to drive up and come hang out with us at the pool for a bit. Within 5 minutes of her arriving and coming to hang at the pool a lady comes back into the pool area and ask Em if that is her van out in the parking lot. Come to find out a minute later this woman had backed into Em’s PARKED, IN A PARKING SPACE, minivan! Needless to say there are some things I would like to type about this lady, but I will keep it at least pg-13 rated. I will leave it at- people like that should not be allowed to do certain things: such as breed, drive, or interact with other humans more than once a week. Now I do not really mean that, but I do a little. If anyone out there would like to start the government committee that handles those types of people I will vote you in with a small questionnaire.

This all comes to my point of trying to do things while life intercedes. I had to run Em’s vehicle around all morning to get estimates and then go to claim adjusters. I know it is not all about me, but I luckily got a run in while Em watched the kids. Life is happening and there are things that I am trying to do. If we could just take a break from other people’s lives interfering with mine I would be happy for a while. I am still in good spirits because overall I ate well so far today: breakfast tacos that I cooked myself (people in B’ham be happy because I will make them for you gladly) and a great turkey, lettuce, tomato, and swiss sandwich with some grapes for lunch. My portions are getting smaller and I am hoping that the more I replace chips and crap with fruits the better I will be.

Until the next incident I hope you all have a wonderful and adventuresome day.

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