Franklin’s BBQ- If you don’t know ask a brother!


We started off this week by having our daycare providers ask if they could keep our children for the day because that wanted to take a group of kids to Zilker Park in Austin. We have had our children raised by a lovely women named Mrs. Judy who is from El Salvador and speaks mainly spanish. It is a home daycare and we are thankful everyday that our children were watched by this angel. Emily and I took the day to go to our storage unit to pack up more of our stuff in a organized manner so the people helping us move will not kill us. Yet that morning we went to Franklin’s BBQ. What is Franklin’s BBQ you ask? Let me explain.

If you have ever met me you know that there has rarely been a food passed in front of my person that I have not ingested and liked on most occasions. Well this place has been voted the best BBQ in the country. We waited in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes to order this particular BBQ. Being from Mississippi, Alabama and now living in Texas I feel that I have tasted many different kinds of BBQs and can say with some certainty that the brisket I put in mouth on this Wednesday was the greatest smoked meat I have ever eaten. It was almost a divine experience. The brisket covered with the Espresso BBQ Sauce was something that I wish Bobby Flay could explain to you in his own words because will do it no justice. I experienced true BBQ.

Then the weekend hit and it was on like Donkey Kong.

We are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary today and it started yesterday. We went out to dinner at a place called Home Slice here in Austin. Great pizza, great hipsters to stare at, and good beer to drink. We had a great time and then woke up this morning and all the fun began. So many things happened today that I am positive that Emily or I will never forget our sixth anniversary. 

Emily set up a meeting with friends that we had not seen in almost 2 years. They had some friends of theirs that they wanted us to meet because we were both moving to all places Homewood, AL! If someone could give me the odds I would be impressed with your mad math skills. We meet the other couple and they are great. They have a daughter a little younger than our youngest Porter. They were both cool people and I cannot wait to hang with them in B’Ham. They left and we were just relaxing at our friends house having a great time just being with people that we had missed. Here is where the kicker comes in and grabs me. Porter wondered into a room by himself and found a pill that he should not have gotten a hold of and decided to take it orally. I do not blame the people that we were visiting by any stretch of the imagination. The blame goes completely to me. Emily lost track of him and I did not pick him up. So we found out what the drug was and had talked to poison control. Nothing fatal, but he would probably be sick and sleep more than normal. At first I did not think much of the way he had acted because I had lived most of my teenage years to mid-twenties around many a pill popper. The difference being that I had never popped pills because I lost my spleen at age 5 and knew what prescription medications do to your mind and body. I am not innocent in the drug realm, but ask anyone that I know and pills were never something I ever used. Well the more I watched my son the more I got annoyed at the drug companies that made this poison. Someone of my age and weight is free to take what they want, but I have never like the billion dollar drug industry. Now I have a very good reason to hate this capitalist venture, the drug market. This industry is trying to convince the American public that we need these drugs to survive this really tough world. If this offends you because you take medicine to curb your problems with coping with reality I am sorry for you. I did it for a while and realized it was much better everyday to wake up and yell at reality for a while and take it on than to pacify my brain with chemicals. I have watched my son twitch, grind his teeth, and not be comfortable in his own skin. Many days I have felt like a bad parent, but today was a day that I felt guilt like never before. It is something that I cannot describe and will try my best to never let it happen to my child again. Yet, my wife, the angel, had made plans with some parents of a student she had taught this last year at her school. She suggested that we take him to go their house to go swimming. I said that would be fine, but we took two cars just in case I had to leave with Porter.

This happened to be a great idea in the sense that we met some really great people. They welcomed us into their lovely home. Their back porch overlooked most of Austin and Barton Creek with a view I had seldom seen in my life. They tried their best to make Porter and our whole family feel welcomed to their home and they succeeded. We had great discussions and got to experience an interesting day with great people.

Overall our 6th anniversary was a day that will go down in Batson infamy. I have learned that I have married an angel, get to hang out with truly great human beings, and learned how precious life is on a daily basis. If that doesn’t make it a day to remember I do not know what to tell you.

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3 Responses to Franklin’s BBQ- If you don’t know ask a brother!

  1. Prater says:

    Dude, I hate that happened to Porter.

    I am glad to see you have this blog going on and will be checking it to get my Batson fix. I am going to miss working with you, Erik, and seeing your face every day.

    Where is Franklin’s, by the way? You know me and smoked meats; I’d like to add this one to my list.

    I look forward to hanging out with you this week if possible. Y’all take care and hug Em and the boys for me.


    • erik batson says:

      Thanks Prater, I am going to miss you too! Are you available on Friday? I got all day and night. The wife and kids are leaving that morning and I could come hang for a while if that was cool. Just let me know and we can have some long chats.

  2. Anne Sockwell says:

    Loving the blog madly. And yes, Franklin’s was AMAZING – it is actually definitely worth standing in line for 2 hours! Glad Porter is past this experience. It was tough!

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