Packing, moving, and rat poison- oh my!

Sorry for the lateness of this blog. As of Sunday night I had lost the use of internet by the account of all of our belongings were packed into a couple of vehicles. By telling you that, you may understand that it was a really long week. The 1st of the week past without much event since the ingesting of narcotics. We hung out with friends, moved the stuff out of Emily’s classroom, and sent the kids to daycare one more time to see the wonderful Mrs. Judy. Then Thursday hit and it was go time. Our finance officer called and said they could not contact Katherine Anne Porter School (KAPS) to verify that I had been employed by them for 4 months. This he said would push back our closing a day or two, from Monday to Tuesday or Wednesday. My wife got a little stressed. So I call KAPS and get the new principal on the phone. I had left multiple messages and talk to someone 3 days before. Not so politely I let them know that they must call a number and inform people that I had been employed there. Let’s just say that besides being fired from there they screwed me again. The closing got pushed all the way to Friday. 

Saturday morning arrived and I had a truck, and 4 good friends to load it. Brian Mahoney you are a monster and could actually pick up the house by yourself if need be. Seth Weber and Meredith Sawtelle my thinkers and packers worked way too hard. Then there was my amazing father-in-law Sam Sockwell, his name around these parts are Papa Sock or Papi. This crew was amazing and if you are moving I would suggest you call them up. There is a small fee for their services. We did go for lunch at the amazing burger joint in Austin, TX, Hop Doddys! If you haven’t been just drive to Austin, it is worth the trip- TRUST ME! They grind their own meat, make everything in house, and their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard! Then after my master crew left Papa Sock and I realized that we were going to have to get another truck and load up on Monday morning. That went great. Got the truck loaded and left for my cross country trip to B’ham. I decided to make a stop in Hattisburg, MS to stay with my grandmother, Mimi. More fun ensues.

I got there about 9:45pm and within an hour my dog, Sasha, had eaten rat poison and we were off to the vet. $300 later and a huge adrenaline spike later I arrive back at Mimi’s house at 11:45 and crash for the night. Sasha will hopefully be ok, but must be monitored for 3 weeks because rat poison is a blood thinner and she could now bleed to death if she gets a scratch or bruise, so that is fun while all this is going on around me. The finally I made it to my wife, two kids, and parents house on Tuesday morning about 10:30am. Needless to say I let loose on a couple of people, mainly my father, because I was not handling stress particularly well. We have resolved the issue of my being a D-bag and we will be moving into our home this Friday. 

I will post again Sunday night, if there is no post I was killed from the move.

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