Moving is always full of surprises…

I want to apologize for not writing on Sunday night, but I will get on a schedule as fast as possible. Lets just start with what I remember, about a 2 weeks ago we were moving to Birmingham. I had loaded 2 trucks, one 26 foot truck-the biggest you can get legally, and one 16 foot truck that was filled to within the last 5 feet of the truck. Emily left with the boys on Sunday and to travel ahead of me. We were supposed to close on Monday, but as the real estate and financial gods planned we did not close until Friday afternoon. During this week we stayed at my parents and I truly love my parents, but I moved away from their house about 18 years ago. I appreciated them putting up with our crazy crew for the week, but I feel with the stress of closing on the house and every hoop that Em and I had to jump through that my parents were probably ready to kill me. Josiah and Porter had no schedule and I think that was the hardest during this week. Now lets skip ahead to the closing.

Finally on Friday afternoon a lawyer said they would close on our house. We get there at 5:30 pm and the lawyer says that since he got the paperwork so late they would not be a check to give the sellers. If you have ever closed on a house you know that many things can go wrong, but you showing up and not getting paid is a big deal breaker. At this point I think the seller was so tired of dealing with all this hassle that he said getting paid first thing Monday would be acceptable and let us move forward in the procedure of buying a house. After much tension and silence we bought a house! Then the real fun began.

Emily and I call her dad, Uncle Bo, Josh Schein, and my boy since 2nd grade Greg Machamer to help us unload the 26 foot truck. The crew was amazing and we got the truck emptied in about 2 hours. So by 9:00 pm we had stuff inside the house. Emily and I went to Great Aunt Debbie’s and Uncle Bo’s house to crash for a couple of hours before we woke up and emptied another truck. So Uncle Bo and Papa Sock show up again the next day and helped us unload another truck. From this point on we have most of our stuff inside of our house, but are surrounded with boxes. My parents are keeping the boys so we can try to make the house livable by the end of the weekend. Magen came by to help out Em and they got stuff done. I ran to Huntsville, AL to pick up more furniture for our house, my father-in-law’s house, and my brother and sister-in-law’s house. Then the next week began.

The next week was a blur of emptying boxes and trying to organize a house. My wife, Emily Sockwell Batson, is the most amazing person I have ever met. By Thursday of last week we had all except our bedroom and the guest bedroom cleared of boxes. It felt amazing to be home. Then Papa Sock came into town and I needed some help organizing the shed in the back yard. We looked inside and I will say that my father-in-law said we should rip up the floor and put another down(that is what I recollect, he may tell another story). I agree and then two days later we finish and there is a floor, but if I ever find the guy that build that shed I will drag him into the street and beat him senseless. It was not level and the building was not square. I have made a vow to now do things correct the first time no matter how long it takes when building anything for my home.  Then on Monday when Emily was driving home with the boys from daycare after spending the day working on her classroom the back window by our youngest son Porter exploded. By the grace of God, we had the sun shield up and the window did no damage to our child, but freaked my wife out. That was $310 we didn’t need to spend today, but we dipped into my trust fund(if you think I have a trust fund you do not know me very well) and paid for the window. That has been our weeks and now I am going to go for a run. I will post again on Sunday and let you know about more adventures of the Batson clan.

Food wise we have been eating, but not eating well. As I type Emily is looking up our options for farmer’s markets and CSAs, but CSAs have been a bust. We are settling down and now are going to move to mainly organic fruits and vegetables. You spend more, but in the end you get better food and more filling food. I will keep you updated and try to make things with more wit and humor. Till next time.

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