Work tomorrow

Prescribed writing once a week can be difficult. I am learning to write on a deadline, which is a new concept for me. The house is almost completely unpacked and I can tell you there is a wife named Emily who is not as stressed as she could have been. We still have a couple of boxes in the guest room, so if you want to stop by and crash for a night just be aware that there is a bed with clean sheets, but the room is not fully functioning. We are starting to get into rituals which is great. The week was mainly us unpacking and making the house more comfortable to live in and play with the boys. Then the weekend came and there is where some fun happened.

The big step this week was that my wife finally got on board with buying organic fruits and veggies. This made me the happiest person on the planet. We are making our move to eating better and ultimately teaching our children that food is important and something that we should really pay close attention because what is more important than your health.

We did travel to Pepper Place Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Em and I were both impressed and vowed to spend about $30 a week on our fruits and veggies at this wonderful market. Birmingham has started making strides in the right direction and I am proud to be part of the change that is happening. I went home with some tomatoes that I bought and sliced them and put them on a turkey sandwich and was sold. The flavor exploded in my mouth and I realized why I really really love food.

After the market I reunited with a great friend named Olney and he proceeded to work my legs on a wicked bike ride. I have lived in Austin for 6 years and biked regularly over that time, even commuted for 2 years not using a car. I thought I was somewhat hard, but Olney gave me 12 miles where I was begging him to let me quit. The ride was breathtakingly beautiful, but painful. He has inspired me to start working back to a new level of biking. Birmingham has some hills and I am pissed at them and will not let them beat me again! Thanks Olney and now you have a riding partner on Saturday.

Then Sunday morning we traveled to Auburn for a day trip to visit with family and see my nephew for his birthday party. The day was great, my boys were awesome, and Jackson, my nephew, is a great kid. The greatest thing to me is that I am home now and am going to go to sleep in my bed in a few minutes. I had this belief that I needed to be away from family because friends would help me through everything. I still love everyone of my friends, they have made me the person I am today, but my family are the ones that have put up with everything I have given them and they still love me. Going out into the world and seeing what was out there it feels good to know that I am comfortable in Birmingham. I took a 10 year break to realize that I love the Magic City. There are greater cities in the U.S. and the world, but this one feels like home. Thank you Birmingham for allowing me to cheat on you and welcoming  me back with open arms. Forgiveness is a lesson that I have learned and my city taught this to me.

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  1. Anne Sockwell says:

    I truly enjoy your thoughts – thanks for writing this blog!

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