Losing your voice as a teacher is not good…

This will not be a long entry, but it should be packed with fun. Three things to talk about: Teaching 6th graders, my degree does not transfer from Texas to Alabama, and we have a sink in the kitchen that is now not draining. So be aware they will be in paragraph form because I am teacher and I teach a thesis statement and 5 paragraphs to write. I will try to keep it to that model this week and you will know what 9 years of my life has been like. Now just read this entry 145 times at least twice a week and try not to kill yourself. My writing actually is a tiny bit better than my students.

I have entered a new world of teaching 6th graders. It has always been my idea and my philosophy to learn as much about education as I can and this is completely different than I have ever done before. If you have a sixth grader and are reading this some of my comments may be offensive, so bear with me. First of all, they are babies. My 3rd rule of my classroom was that there is no hugging. I have never had to had this as a rule as a high school teacher, but apparently with 6th graders this is something that I must state. I have told them if they absolutely have to hug someone we will find someone for them to hug, it will just not be me. Then there is the fact that the amount of work they can get done in a 35-40 minute period is very little. I have things to do the first 5 minutes of class and the last 5 minutes of class. The first day I gave an assignment and broke them up into groups they looked like I had seriously killed their dog. That is not an exaggeration. So I immediately toned down how much work is to be done in my class. Then on Thursday I lost my voice. As a high school teacher you can give your students work to do, but 6th graders you cannot leave to their own devices. This is a whole new world and stay tuned to many crazy stories as this year unfolds.

I am trying to get another degree, mentioned last week. I have a degree from Concordia University in Austin, TX. A legally binding degree. I want to go to Samford and start my EDS, but here is the thing, Samford says that since my degree came from another state I have to take the same Masters Degree that I just got in Austin, TX, here in Alabama. Please feel free to chime in anytime, but what other profession will not let you transfer a degree into another state? I cannot believe that this is my chosen career and because I went out into the world and learned new things now I am getting punished. How will a university not accept a degree from another university? So that is my dilemma now.

Then as of this afternoon our sink has gotten clogged. We just bought a house that was built in 1952, so I know things are going to have to be corrected and fixed. Well this week on this  Old House, please do not turn me into real This Old House. I did have to fix some of the pipes under the sink, but having to snake a drain is not something I am capable of handling. So tomorrow Emily will be calling a plummer and hopefully they will be correcting that problem soon.

That was the week and it has felt like a lifetime. I am not second guessing our decision to move back to B’ham. We have been happy every step of the way. Things come up, but things always come up and that makes life interesting. The weekend was too short as always. Next weekend is Labor day weekend and the start of college football. What I will be doing on Saturday is moving my in laws into their new house in Auburn. I am going to request that we put the T.V. in first and get that on so that we have some football to watch while I am lifting all that heavy stuff. Until next time I sit in front of a computer and start typing to the interwebs, enjoy everyday.

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2 Responses to Losing your voice as a teacher is not good…

  1. Nicole Tai says:

    Cho had the same problem moving back to CA – he can hang a shingle up in New York and shrink heads, but not in CA. He has to get another Master’s degree. I have heard there might be a way to test out of this requirement for him – you may want to check on that for your situation in Alabama.

    Your standards for 6th graders seems too low – my 3rd grader is in Chinese Immersion School and can sit for over 1/2 hr at the table on projects/assignments. She has over 1 hr of homework for the week which she usually completes on Monday afternoon to “get it over with”. It might be time for Americans to start expecting more from our kids.

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Mr. Batson!

    I hope you don’t mind my looking you up like this, but I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. Your blog is quite entertaining as well.
    I’m finishing my M.Ed. and applying to some districts in Austin and I wondered if I could put you down as a reference/contact person when you supervised me at KAPS. Most of the new teachers, the entire math department, the superintendent, the substitute principal and yours truly were all laid off or quit in 2011.
    Anyway, if you could email me and let me know if you don’t mind being a reference, I’d appreciate it. I also have a couple of funny KAPS stories to tell you.

    Debbie Wilkinson

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