My little Buckethead

I love Buckethead the artist and this looks so much like him, it makes me laugh. Yet, it is my son Porter doing his thing.

It has been a while and for that I apologize. Life grabbed me in a way I was not ready for and tossed me to the side, then it sunk its teeth into me and started chewing. Now that it is all said and done I feel much better. Some things that I will be covering this week are technology, eating, life, and happiness. Although they are not new subjects, they have shown me a new side recently and I have been paying more attention. That helps tremendously. I am not going to try and cram all that time that I missed into one post, that would be crazy. In the immortal words or Inigo Montoya, “Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” I finished football, started basketball, my boys got bigger, got a 3 month old puppy, lost 11 pounds, and am caught up with Sons of Anarchy. Whew! So that is the last 3 months in nutshell. I will now continue to our regularly scheduled program as if you just watched the best montage ever (A-Team style)!

First, I have become calm. If you know me, that is not a word normally thrown around in my presence, unless said like, “Will you calm the f%$& down!”That is normally how it used, but I would like to amend the meaning toward me to contain a 2nd definition as Webster’s would describe.

2: adj. finding a place in life where stress is there, but something that is bothersome and have chosen to not pay attention to this so-called stress. 

I feel happy. I never thought in a million years that what I was searching for was right here in the city I strove so hard to leave. Homewood is the city I call home and I mean it literally, figuratively, and psychedelically. I went running when the leaves were falling the other day and just stared in amazement at the beauty around me. It felt natural, in the sense that I was supposed to be there, not that there were trees around me. My neighborhood is wonderful and our street is the best ever. Raise of hands, how many people hang out with at least 65% of the people that live on your street or in your building? We do and it is amazing. We have moved into a little street that I did not even knew existed when I dated Emily 8 years ago and it was 2 blocks from her house. Our normal ritual is to let the kids play(there are 13 under 2nd grade on our street) and the parents sit around and drink spirits and ponder about life. It is a street where most of the people have kids and enjoy that aspect of life. So far we have hung out at a bar together, had birthday parties for our kids, cleaned someone’s house, and all went to dinner (I did not make that one because I was at a basketball game that I was coaching). Now who can still raise their hands? Be honest. Emily and I count our blessings everyday and moving to our house has been amazing.

In other ways “the calm” has washed over me. I am not too worried about my job. It is going well and it feels right for now, that may change within the next entry so stay tuned. I got an iphone 5 and immediately decided to let it run my life. All in all that has worked out pretty well. The first thing I did was get an app called, “Myfitnesspal” and it has helped me lose 11 pounds. I have cut down on the amount I eat and it is amazing what paying attention to what goes into your body will do. Before some of you chime in, I know this is not a new concept to most people (wink Nicole), but for me it has been a long time coming. I guess I just needed Apple(tm) to take over and rule with an iron fist. I can tell you that not thinking as much and letting a computer run your life is fabulous. It frees you up to do things like run, read, just sit on the couch, or out on the back porch and type on a keyboard to a blog.

The food thing has been great and I actually feel better. I have stepped on a scale and seen the numbers, but the real measure as my mother-in-law said this week is your clothes. They are loose in different spots. It is glorious and I want to continue. Heck, my father-in-law and I agreed to run in a 5k in April. I look forward to everyday and what it will allow me to see. So much has happened to me in life I cannot help but be amazed and in awe on a regular basis. Thanksgiving came and went and I am sad, it being my favorite holiday. Now if this post has been to happy for you be aware that the next month will bring the anger back. I love Thanksgiving, but utterly hate Christmas. Not the religious aspect and loving one another and giving, but the pure unadulterated greed that courses through the veins of privileged society. But, for now lets keep it positive and say that life is good and getting better.

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One Response to My little Buckethead

  1. Nicole Tai says:

    Great entry Erik – so glad you are successful in your weight loss goal! And sounds like you have a little heaven for you and the kids. We sort of have that in our school community – it would be awesome if we all lived on the same street and could just let the kids run around. I am with you on the Christmas thing – although I am looking forward to putting a train under the tree – Harrison is so into trains! Here’s to hoping we can ignore the seasons worst and enjoy the best!

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