Even a short road trip is an adventure…

The blonde one is the one that keeps trying to kill our family

The blonde one is the one that keeps trying to kill our family

When I left school on the 21st, all I heard from teachers was, “We are only getting 7 days off!” You can only imagine where I am going to go from here with that statement. I can tell you that this will be a positive entry, with a light dusting of griping. So much has happened to me in this last week it is amazing, wonderful, and frightening. On a regular basis, almost hourly now I realize how blessed I am to have my life. That is not bragging, just a statement that I rarely take life for granted anymore, which I did in the past. This time around the ole keyboard I will be complaining about teachers, explain my love for road trips, and the staple-running. Let me start off positive and move to complaining then back to positive. Is everyone ok with that format? (If you didn’t know, that was retorical)

Let’s start with the running aspect because I know you are tired of hearing me talk about it so let me show some more love and hope that my words do not bore you tears. I have been addicted to many things: cigarettes, drugs, and mostly making poor decisions. Each one of those things made me feel like I needed to have them almost everyday or I would go crazy. Well my newest and finally welcomed addiction is running. It is not a new hobby, but for some strange reason right now at this moment in life it grabs me everyday and doesn’t let go till I feed the demon. Most demons I have had are horrible and normally cause me  to hurt others or myself. This guy is a monster on epic porportions that is on my ass 24/7. He permeates every part of my being. I did not run yesterday and I thought my head was going to explode. I was scratching my arms, shaking, asking everyone around me when I could get my next fix. My wife is tolerating me because she normally has to take the brunt of the kids stuff when I feel like letting that sweet sweet juice flow into my veins-endorphins people, get your heads out of the gutter. If you are a runner, you may know how this feels. If you are not a runner and you drink coffee, take that away and how do you feel? Or if you really want to feel my junkie need to run, go out and breathe in air and think what it would be like without it. It is that bad now. This addiction has me and I hope that it never lets go.

Before I left school on the 21st teachers were complaining about not having enough days off. Now if you know me you may know that I enjoy, really enjoy, dropping stuff in converstations and then watching people get angrier and angrier.  So the latest is when teachers that complain about having time off. As a coach I still work less than most people in their chosen careers. I have to say that on game days when I leave my house at 6:15 am and return at about 10:15 pm, those are long days, but only happen about once a week in football and twice a week in basketball or soccer. What gets me is the teachers that get to school at 7:30am and leave at 3:o5 pm everyday. Two things that I heard and you can see if this is absurd or not. 1st statement, “I cannot get all my Christmas shopping done.” This was from a teacher who left at 3:00 pm everyday. Their justification was I need a weekday from 10am on to shop. What planet are you from? I wanted to slap her, but my father raised me to never hit a woman. He never said that I could not say that one deserves to be slapped by someone. People, we all work and us teachers work less than anyone else so suck it up and get your s#%t done. 2nd statement, “We only get 7 days off for Christmas.” To this my reply was simple, ” We actually have 11 days off.” Retort, “Weekends don’t count.” Shut the ____-up! Ok, back to my not taking anything for granted statement earlier. I have worked many jobs and until 10 years ago I worked jobs where I had to work weekends, so yes they do count! Everyday that I am not working, is a day I have off and I use that day to: 1) spend time with my family 2) rest 3) take a trip 4) work on my house 5) play with my dogs 6) ride my bike 7) go to the library with my boys 8) go to a park 9) walk a trail 10) watch a sporting event on tv or live 11) read a book 12) and one of the last things I DO NOT GO TO WORK! I am becoming less angry as a person because I am finding more and more happiness, but that attitude from teachers pisses me off. I also told them that we only really work 10 months out of the year, plus holidays off. They would not even look at me after that was uttered from my mouth. Well, be bitter and angry that you do not have time off because I am going to soak it all in and when that guy in the black robe with the sickle shows up, I will have experienced what I could and not regret one moment.

ROADTRIP! Is one of my favorite compound words in the English language. Let me explain. I have a wife who made an agreement with me from the start of our relationship. I told her I had to see everything and she said she would try with all her might to make that happen. This is one of the millions of reasons I love my wife. We traveled a lot before we had kids, then we had kids and we traveled not as much, but took longer and more expansive trips. Our oldest son has been to NYC, Chicago, B’ham from Austin several times, and up the east coast and we hope to take him and our youngest to Salt Lake and Seattle within two years. We have done all this in a car or minivan and we love it. Do not get me wrong, there are times that beating my head against the dashboard is a viable option to make it all stop or just jerking the wheel hard left into oncoming traffic. (Just so you know, I would never do those things- they are only thoughts not actions) Looking at my wife during this latest trip I told her that we make a great traveling team and I am so thankful for her and our crew. This latest trip goes as follows and has is only halfway over when you I am typing this (the boys are taking a nap in my in-laws hotel room in Pensacola). We left yesterday morning at 6:30am to head to Mobile, AL, to meet some friends from Austin who were in Mississippi for relatives and Christmas. Then for just after lunch we headed to Pensacola to see Emily’s grandmother, Granny. Then we headed back to Mobile-Fairhope to be exact, to stay with our friends Carrie and Brantley. We crashed at their house then went back to Pensacola to have lunch with Granny, Mama Sock, and Papa Sock- my in-laws. My boys are napping right now, then it is back to see Granny, the crew, and Joel-Em’s cousin, and his new kid. Then we head to Satsuma, AL, just north or Mobile tonight to stay with some college friends of hers. Then tomorrow morning, my birthday we head back home to hang with the Dixon Crew. The one thing that has gone through my head this whole time is how great my life is and I wouldn’t change a thing. Spring Break we head to Chicago to see Mer Mer and Dan Dan for a week!

I know I say it a lot, but I have a freaking great life. I do not deserve it, but whoever made the clerical error I thank them. Oh, one last thing that should make you laugh and maybe cry a little. We had the 1st visit from Santa at our own house. It was great, the elves- you know who they are, put all the toys together after Santa had dropped everything off. By the way, Santa’s elves are sweatshop workers if you didn’t know. We woke up and the kids played an played. Emily fell asleep on the couch and I put the oven on to cook some chicken fingers- do not judge me, the boys had already eaten and I was hungry and we had not grocery shopped for 2 weeks. Well I ran to the bathroom for about 5 minutes and Emily is screaming at me, where are you? I come back to the front of the house and it is filled with smoke and smells toxic. Come to find out Porter, our youngest, had thrown a plastic toy into the oven while I was gone. All that was left was a puddle of plastic and fumes that could have killed us all. I told Emily to get the kids out of the house and I opened all the windows and started fans to get rid of the fumes. We were heading to my parents at about 10:30 that morning, but we got down there at 9:30. Then Porter while we were trying to dress them tries to stick the car keys in a light socket. Merry Christmas and we hope that we have the rest of the Batson family to celebrate next year. Always remember it is all relative.

Last thing I swear, if you like pictures subscribe to our tumblr blog and see what adventures we have. We hope you enjoy


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