It’s the little things…

ImageI haven’t written in two weeks and it made me sad. This is therapeutic for me so bear with me. Everyday I look at the world and wonder how it could get better or worse. A friend of mine told me recently that he thought it was cool that I posted on facebook all the minor little things that made me happy. He commented on the fact that I recognized those small moments that make up life. It made me happy that he got it. So this post may not be really long and insightful, but it will talk about some of the small things.

On Saturday my son, Josiah, showed me that he was able to start his bike by himself. The moment that your child can ride a bike is a big moment in your life. It made me proud. He wanted to show me and if you know me and my crazy obsession with biking. It is a joy that I get that many will never understand, so the moment he could ride a bike and is excited about it made me a very proud father. The moment I will never forget was within 10 minutes of him riding that bike. I was down the street and he had ridden into the circle at the end of the road. He took a bad spill and the handle bars hit him in the ribs. He reacted naturally and started screaming. I walked up to him in a very calm way to reassure him that he was okay. He cried for about 10 more seconds and while I was holding him I told him that it was not that bad and that he had to get back on the bike and do it again because falling off your bike is part of the relationship you have with learning to ride. He stopped crying and said that he was okay. Then I ask if I could take a picture and he lifted his shirt proudly and showed off his wound. I took a picture and it is at the top of this entry. Knowing that my son had a bad fall and got right back up and rode his bike for the next 30 minutes made me much happier and prouder than him riding a bike. It showed me that my son was okay with mistakes and accidents, but was willing to get up and do it again. That is the moment that I will never forget.

I have always lived in different places: Southside B’ham, Western North Carolina, NYC, Austin, and now Homewood, AL. But, until the other day hanging out with my neighbors I truly realized why I love where I live. You move to where you can for the life that you want. My wife and I wanted a safe place where our kids could play in the road and there were other kids to hang out. It is a little Norman Rockwell and I know that, but I want the best for my kids. My epiphany, and you may already know this, was that the people that live on my block all have the same idea. It was always in my head that people chose a place to live on other things, but not that we have the basic concept of how life should be lived. Now we may not agree on religion or politics, but we all want the best for our families, which is what makes up most of my block. People want to raise families and in that time have a good time. If you have never heard me say it, where I live is now where I call home and I am very happy with our decision to move back to B’ham.

This week has been fun and life has happened again. It is amazing that I get to… I do not know how to finish that. So much is taken for granted. Getting angry is something that I do regularly, but it is a lot less than I used to and that makes me happy. I am sorry if this week was not so excited to read, but I will get better. I hope all is well and know that the small things are great, but can also become big things. 

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