Making promises…

Our view from the back deck of the cabin.

Our view from the back deck of the cabin.

Late again, but this time there was an at least decent excuse. For the 1st time in 6 years or since my sister meet James Allen, Emily and I lived close enough to Ft. Payne, Alabama to visit on MLK weekend at the cabin. If you are confused my brother-n-law James Allen’s father owns a cabin near Little River Canyon and every year during the MLK weekend a group of friends and family go up to stay and enjoy time together. This year was our 1st time and I have to say it is one of my favorite weekends over the last year. Many things came to me because my mother, Meva, kept our youngest son because he would have destroyed some of the property. We did take Josiah and it was a great weekend. I got to see old friends, hang out with family, and met new friends.

It started with my wife being concerned and a little sad about leaving our youngest child. I can tell you honestly, when my mother said she would take Porter for the weekend I did not hesitate for a second(literally). Emily was broken up about the fact that he would not be there for the experience, but it worked out for the best. We overall had a stress free weekend and he will be able to go next year.

I got to see my friends that have adopted me through Emily. Yet, the twist is that my sister married James Allen who is friends with most of the same Homewood people. Now that my kids will be Homewood people I use it in the most kind and warm way. I used to not use it in those terms. I can tell you that from the people that I was friends with growing up they are a much nicer group of people. We hung out, drank, relaxed, enjoyed each other, took group runs, and ate great food. I know, I know, it sounds almost like a spa visit and I think that it was except we had to clean up before we left. Did I forget to mention that my brother-n-law is a chef and we started a tradition of having a wine dinner? Chef, my kid’s name for their Uncle, decided that with his skills we would have a 5 course meal with a wine with every course.(Next year I will write down all the courses with pictures so you can see how good the food can be) To put it in simplest terms, I am very happy that my kids have Chef as their uncle. It was one of the best meals I have eaten in years. If my sister every divorces him, we keep him in the divorce and my sister needs to find a new family.

I also got to hang out with new people that I normally do not get to see that much of during our normal social interactions. This was also a highlight of the weekend. Emily Flack being one of those people along with her boyfriend Zach. He fit in great and I feel that I have a new brother in B’ham. We spent tons of time together and discussed life, religion, biking, camping, running, and most other things.

It was one of those amazing weekends where I spent the last morning doing something magical. The last night my son, Josiah got sick and my wife woke me up at 4:00am to take a shift in the bathroom with him. We sat around on the floor of the bathroom for the next couple of hours and then when he was feeling a little better we walked downstairs to watch the sunrise. Now here is where everything gets magical. I pulled a chair up to the back door and Josiah and I started talking about the sunrise. He fell asleep on me before the sun came up. Now this alone almost made the weekend perfect because after about 4-5 months old our sons stopped falling asleep on us so if there is a chance to get them to nap on us I will give anything to experience it. So as he fell asleep I started going over things in my head. Now if you do not know I truly believe in a higher power, this is not up for debate just a statement to let you in on my mindset.  My wife had expressed to me that I yell a lot. This is a true statement, because I come from a family of yellers. So, sitting there with my son I made a promise to him and deity that I worship that I would make a valiant attempt to stop yelling. We talked about a bunch of other stuff, but that is between Him and I.

There are those times when you know everything is going right and you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Realizing that life is a series of meetings with others and my goal is to have as much fun with those moments as possible. I truly enjoy hanging out with friends and family. These are the things that make life bearable. They make life enjoyable and fun. Now that I know my wife, children, and I will be spending this weekend with others that have a very similar mindset makes me a happy person. It makes me realize that someone is looking out for me and I am truly blessed. This weekend showed me how much money means so little to me and how the human element is truly what I yearn for to survive.

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