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I make laundry detergent and do the laundry…

It is always great to travel, but the feeling you have when you are back at your house is the greatest. The saying “Home Sweet Home”, is so true. We spent a week in Chicago and had a blast. We … Continue reading

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A few travel rules

5:00 am is about the time my brain starts working everyday no matter how much sleep I have gotten. I know that I am a day late and there is no excuse. So read and hopefully you will understand why … Continue reading

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Here a 1st, there a 1st, everywhere a 1st 1st…

There are many firsts throughout your life: the 1st time your parents leave you at home alone, driving a car(without a parent), having “relations” with another person, leaving home, renting a car, getting on a airplane(it is implied that you … Continue reading

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I haven’t used shampoo in a year!

This entry is not going to be exceptionally long. I hope that does not disappoint people and if it does be aware that I normally write these Sunday night and a couple hours ago in my soccer match I ran … Continue reading

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