I haven’t used shampoo in a year!

This was my view during our walk through the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and it makes me happy to look at this picture.

This was my view during our walk through the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and it makes me happy to look at this picture.

This entry is not going to be exceptionally long. I hope that does not disappoint people and if it does be aware that I normally write these Sunday night and a couple hours ago in my soccer match I ran into a human being much larger than me with my leg trying to stop a goal and it felt like my leg was going to snap in half. Thank goodness it is just really swollen and sore as hell. So this writing will hopefully have brevity.

Last March when I lived in Tejas I started seeing more and more things about shampoo and what it really did for your hair. When I started researching it I found out we were tricked again by companies to buy products that we do not need. Ain’t capitalism a biatch?! So what I read about said that shampoo strips all the oils out of your hair everyday and then your hair gets oily again in a couple of days of not using it because you naturally produce oils for your hair. Amazing how well the human body works when you leave it alone and let it do what it supposed to do. Well I decided from this site- a sonoma garden, that I would change my ways and become more independent. Then I started doing research and it seems that the powers that be have us to believe that we must spend hundreds of dollars a year on products we don’t need. So I started my experiment with being a true hippie and it has worked out great. Full disclosure: my scalp tends to dry out aka dandruff so I had to look at rinses to help out that problem. So this is how it goes: 1) I have 2 water bottles and each is filled with something different 2) 1 bottle is filled with warm water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda/ 8 oz of water. That is shaken up and used as a “shampoo” 3) I buy a $1.99 herb of thyme at the grocery store (this can be grown and I will do that in the future when we start our garden), but as of now I spend about $2 every 3-4 months 4) boil a gallon or more of water and put the thyme in it and let it boil for 10-15 minutes 5) let that cool and then put that in a container (I used an old gallon milk jug and label it “thyme rinse” in bright red sharpie so Em does not think it is tea- it is not poisonous, just not tea) 6) put 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 8 0z of the “thyme water” and shake 7) that is my “conditioner”- I sometimes wash that out, but most of the time I leave it in and let it do its job.

I can tell you the 1st month is slow going and you may get annoyed, but then like a light switch your hair is adjusted. If you have seen me in the last year you can vouch for the fact that my hair does not look gross or dirty. It actually feels great and looks better than it has in years. I also notice that I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair and it is not greasy like it used to be when I used shampoo. So to say that I can a convert is an understatement. I am full fledge hippie and proud that I have raised my middle finger to corporations and said I am good, you can go screw the next person. The more I live the more I realize we are being lied to way too much and it is making me angry, but getting even is much better. Hit ’em where it hurts, in their wallet!

So that was what I wanted to talk about this week. There was stuff about disrespect in the classroom, but I need to stew a little more on that topic before I throw-up all over the internet about it. I am collecting my thoughts and will let you know since Emily and I are on the front lines and are worried about our future generations. Now picture me as the old man waving his cane standing in his front lawn telling those damn kids to get off my property. Also, Josiah, my oldest son will have his 1st soccer game this week so I am sure that will be part of my discussion in the next entry. I really do hope that everyone is doing well and enjoy the people you see everyday. Say hello to a new person and hold the door for someone with smile on your face. Life is way too short to not help at least some people.

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2 Responses to I haven’t used shampoo in a year!

  1. Cary Prater says:

    I completely agree that we are being lied to to make a buck. We are urged to use products that make us need them more or their accompanying product. We need to realize we can usually make what we need with the materials at hand with lots less profit for the man. I think I am coming down with a serious case of Stickittothemaniosis. Rock on, Erik!

  2. Anne Sockwell says:

    YEAH! What she said!

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