Fall in love with who you want…

Yes, that is my youngest son sitting at a bar. Go ahead and judge me.

Yes, that is my youngest son sitting at a bar. Go ahead and judge me.

Major League Baseball started tonight, Games of Thrones just got recorded on my DVR, the season finale of The Walking Dead just got put on the DVR also, and right now I feel like my head may explode with my nerdiness leaking out everywhere. I am having problems keeping the crazy all contained. If you were to look at my wife’s face after I told her that you would see her roll her eyes so far back in her head it may cause slight brain damage. So far what I have actually figured out about life is that you should enjoy it. We went to church this morning and I made an observation. We were 5 minutes late to church and we had to sit in the hallway of the church, not even in the sanctuary. If that many people in Homewood, AL, believe that there is a God and that God they believe in and follow His laws should have no problem forgiving someone for being gay or even caring if they are gay.

Took a turn you weren’t expecting I am sure. You thought I was going to nerd-out on you about TV and baseball. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am going to be touching on a sore subject for some and a no-brainer for others. My views have always been open-minded, but one of my 1st times covering a class in the Bronx a girl stood up for whatever reason and said that she was gay and she did not care who knew. We were talking about things in that class and she dropped that bomb. My views became crystal clear after that moment. That young lady was in my class the next year and I always respected her for knowing who she was and not letting anyone tell her otherwise. She was one of my brightest students and I hope only the best for her. During that year I helped the counselor at our school run the Gay Pride club at an inner-city school in the Bronx(you think it is hard to be gay in the bible belt, try thug central!). The end of that year that counselor got another job and she ask me to take over the club. I did gladly. When I told my parents I think my mom’s heart stopped for at least one second. She was unaware that I had such radical views on homosexuality. With all the recent media coverage on the Supreme Court and the same-sex marriage issue, it felt like I needed to chime in on the subject- a heterosexual white male, because everyone cares about what my demographic thinks.

Since that time period in NYC I have met many people and become friends with even more. Since that beginning of my life in the world outside of the Bible Belt, I have taken a very firm stance on homosexuality- I DO NOT CARE who you want to 1)fall in love with 2)have sex with 3)spend your life with or d) raise kids with.  To begin with, with my doctrine and spiritual beliefs I do not get to make that judgement. Hell, I have had male friends that would literally sleep with any woman that they came across. I have gay friends that have been in a monogamous relationship for years. Who is sinning? I cannot think that the higher power I believe in will hate you or keep you from whatever happens after death just because you fall in love with someone else and that person just happens to be of the same sex. Now, do not get me wrong, people that sleep with anyone have their own set of problems. I do not agree with that at all. But, if you fall in love, I am happy for you and support your choice to want to spend the rest of your life with that human being. Heck, one of my very best friends has made the decision to change their sexual orientation. We discussed what I would tell my boys about the change and I told them I would look them in the eye and tell them exactly what is going on and let them ask whatever question they wanted. I in no way want to keep my children in the dark with anything in this world. We live in a strange reality and I never want my boys to not think and question everything they encounter.

I have many gay friends and the older I get the more I realize they are the people that I like to have around more than most. They are the friends that accept me for all my crazy and I just get the pleasure of being their friend. This is an issue that I get angry about and have a vested interest. I always get the question, “What if you boys turn out gay?”. My response is always along the lines of I hope they find the love that I found with their mother. All I can affect in this life is the decisions I make. I will never be able to change anyone else unless they are willing to change themselves. Everyone deserves to be happy as long as the decisions they make are not hurting another human being. Who someone chooses to spend their lives with is not my business and I plan to fight till my dying breath to keep that right for them. If you read this and think I am wrong, you may never want to read my posts again. Just a little heads up. Go out and do something out of your comfort-zone, I plan on this week trying to have a conversation with a close-minded person without yelling. You have your homework, can’t get rid of the teacher in me.

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One Response to Fall in love with who you want…

  1. Anne Sockwell says:

    Oh how I love that line – “I hope they find the love that I found with their mother.” That says it all. Well said!

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