Been out of commission for a while…

When you capture moments like this you know why you are alive. For me it is my family.

When you capture moments like this you know why you are alive. For me it is my family.

I can tell you this is not going to be the longest or most interesting post that I have made in some time. It is apparent that this was supposed to be weekly and it has been 6 weeks since I have written. This may not be a good reason but it is what I have: 2 back surgeries in 6 weeks. Needing to write and actually having the gumption to write are two very different things. My drive has been at an all time low and that bothers me. During this 6 weeks I have learned a lot about myself and those around me. I will not go into many of the details of the past 6 weeks, but will talk about some of things that I now know and the fun of back surgery four times.

The biggest thing I can take from all this is that I have amazing family and friends. It is times when you cannot do much and others step up that you truly understand how fortunate you are as a human being. My family has been there for every second that I have needed them and who needs them more is my wife who has been a champion through all this injury time out that I have had. She is having to deal with work, two boys, a home (with 2 dogs), and a husband who can’t do very much at all. She deserves all the kudos she can get and I plan on spoiling her rotten the second I am physically able to handle all the duties I had before back surgery.

Apparently the 1st surgery didn’t take because at about the month period when the nerve pain in my left leg was supposed to be gone it got marginally worse. I called the doctors office and ask if that was normal. They said it could take about a month for the pain to go away. Emily insisted that I talk to the doctor and see what could be done. At this point I was scared that my back was healed and I was delusional about the pain. I could not believe it had gotten worse. So, talking to the doctor’s office again I ask if I could come in and get another MRI because the pain was so bad. They set up an appointment a week from last Friday and said they would not be able to let the doctor look at the results until the Tuesday after Labor Day. That seemed fine by me and I sat in a tube again listening to weird alien noises for about 30 minutes. Needless to say on Tuesday I got a call from the doctor’s office with the office manager starting off the conversation by saying, “please do not be angry at me, I am just the messenger.” Not what you want to hear after a major surgery and 5 weeks of major pain. Well after we got through with the conversation this was the results: My disc that they had repaired blew out farther than it had before the 1st surgery and was pushing against every nerve in my spine-hence the pain increase after the back surgery, they were going to have to go back into my spine and cut away the bulging disc again, the doctor apparently was unhappy about it because it made him look bad- sorry doc, and they had me scheduled this past Friday to have another go at the problem. All went well and recovery has been night and day different from the 1st surgery. I came home that day and have been in much higher spirits, not to mention the pain is fading fast.

Now I know that most or some of you are under the impression that there are other options besides surgery such as intense physical therapy, exercises, or better living. Let me give you my brief history with my back. I had my 1st back surgery at age 19, my 2nd 10 years later at 29, my third 6 weeks ago, and my 4th last Friday. Yes, there are other ways to go about it, but I can tell you with the pain I was in the physical therapy route was out of the question. Let it be known that from this point on I will be taking much better care of my body. Exercise is going to be a priority. Here is the catch, running-something that has saved me over the last 7 years may have to go to the back burner for some time until I can figure this all out. I will be moving to core exercises everyday to strengthen my back and abdominal area. So my major form or exercise is going to be biking. I will be on two wheels probably everyday of the year. First I will need to get a trainer so that I can bike in my living room while Emily and I watch T.V., this will be my 1st step to making it better. Yet, none of that will happen for at least 6 weeks as I am to be taking it easy until then.

Be aware that I am back and getting angrier and angrier about things everyday. I still see lots of silver linings all around and overall am ecstatic about the life that has been provided to me, but be aware that my opinions about life and what is going on in our world is coming back to the interwebs. Having a break let me know that I need this outlet to not go insane. It has been a difficult  six weeks for me and it will come out in some posts, so be aware there is some darkness brewing. It seems that I had more to espouse than I thought. Until next time know that the world is a wonderful place where there are good and bad things happen everyday. It is our job to make as many happy things happen as possible.

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  1. Good luck on the surgery. I too have lower back pain and was hopeful after surgery last summer that I’d be able to run again, but the pain seems to be returning.

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