Happy Father’s Day

The candid moments are the ones that fill me with joy. If I can capture those moments I need very little else in life.

The candid moments are the ones that fill me with joy. If I can capture those I need very little else in life.

This will actually be short. I know that is said by me, but this time I mean it. Today was one of those great days. I woke up, got some love from my family, then hung out with them all day. If you are a father, you can relate. If you are not, then imagine a great day and there you have it. The best part is that we did not do that much and it seemed as if I got it all. All those years I fooled myself into thinking that I did not need this kind of life. It was always, “I can travel alone, it will be fun.” or, “That is so much responsibility.” I was partially right and mostly wrong. Waking up every morning and having the pain in my leg from surgery recede and then having these two wonderful boys that greet me every morning as if I have all the answers. The thing they do not know is that I know very little it is a trick you get when you become a father, the art of looking like you know what you are doing. With each day I grow closer to the person I hope to become and those that I have produced with my wife are the only way I will ever be able to reach that goal. Go figure, not meeting my wife and not having these huge responsibilities would have made me half the man I am now. The world is a beautifully horrible place. My role has yet to be written, but mainly because my character has not been put on paper. They exist, but need some development before released to the general public. To the fathers out there, be aware that your job is one of the most important there is out there. You are raising humans that will one day make decisions for the next generation. I thank my father most of the time I can get a chance, he raised me to be a man in this twisted world. He did his job and now it is my time to work as hard as I can to prepare my sons for the wonderful perils that this reality has to offer.

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