We will call it a hiatus…

Yes, those are screws in my spine!

Yes, those are screws in my spine!

Anyone that has read these musings of mine, I am sorry that I have not written in so long. Over the course of a 4 month period I had 3 back surgeries finally ending with my spinal column being fused together with screws. This is not excuse for not writing and it would have probably helped my psyche if I would have written, but that is all water under the bridge. Being committed and diligent is something that I have learned to be and now it needs to continue. Please be patient with me over the next couple of weeks because I will be getting my feet wet again. Rest assured getting back in the swing of things is a priority.

During the rehab process with my back I have to thank all the people that sent positive vibes my way. Yet, there is one person that I could not have done it without, my wonderful and amazing wife, Emily. I think back to all the days I was just lying around and she had a house to run, kids to entertain, and dogs to feed, and it blows my mind. The true meaning of marriage has been solidified for me and I am sure in another 10 years it will show me something new that I was unaware of and I will appreciate the person I choose to be my best friend for life even more. It feels as if most days I have already won the lottery. I truly feel bad for people who choose poorly or for the wrong reasons. Saying that does not make me feel that I am looking down on everyone because I got a good one, it shows me how much I really did nothing in my morals or ability to choose a good mate. For that I must credit those two people that are still my role models, my parents. They gave me a basis of what marriage was supposed to be and I will always try to achieve that standard. They have been married for 39 years and have their quirks, but are not divorced and still amaze me every so often by how in love they are with each other. They show me everyday that marriage isn’t about all the things that society has told us, it is about finding someone who you can be mad at, but in the next moment can take your breathe away with just a smile or wink. You have to be attracted to your significant other, but it is so much more. It has to be someone who can challenge you everyday. For me it was someone who could listen to me form an argument and then take my logic and run circles around me, Emily does this on an almost daily basis. She can also hear me rant and rave about something that really gets under my skin and she is calm as a lake, then look at me and say, “Why are you so angry, you can’t do anything about that.” I get angry for a second, but then realize she is right and move on most of the time. Apparently my perfect mate is someone who will challenge me everyday and I have met my match. Balance is also a main key, in my opinion and you know I have one, to keeping a marriage. I yell, my wife does not. I do the laundry, cut the grass, and clean the toilets. She sweeps all the dog hair, mops, and does the big home projects. She is a perfectionist type A personality, I could care less and am not a type A personality. I talk A LOT, she sits and listens and then talks when needed. We actually comment pretty regularly about how different we are about so many of the small things, but when it comes to the main things we seem to aligned pretty well.

My wife has shown me over the last year what a great human being decided to spend their life with me. She actually likes being around me so much that she choose to have children with me. I feel so honored everyday that I got picked by her. If you know my wife, you know what I mean. She is sweet, kind, gentle, firm, decisive, hardworking, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, and generally a wonderful person. Most of these traits are not mirrored in the person she picked, me. What can I say, I think opposites have to attract. Just look at magnets, that is science! Since you are reading this you have met me and you know I am none of those things. So you also know how happy I am that I got to have her as my wife and spend my life with her. It can be honestly said that before I met her I could have lived forever without her, but once I met her I can NEVER live without her. Love is funny like that, until you know what you got you cannot miss it.

That should be all for now. Just a little taste of what you have been missing, or not missing. Not writing for so long has bothered me and I hope to rectify that in the future. Every so often you must let people know how good you have it, not to rub it in, but just to let them know you are not taking it for granted. That is probably the biggest misconception people have of me, I have never tried to be arrogant or full of myself(tried being the pivotal word in that sentence). I am just happy for what I have and I have seen way too many people not appreciate the things that they have been given. So I will type about how great things are for me, but that is just me saying thanks. There will be many more times of me being angry about things and you will have to read me working those things out also. Go out there and do something good for anybody, it doesn’t matter who just do something that you wouldn’t normally say or do.

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