Short but hopefully sweet…

This is why I fight for humanity and why I seem angry at times, it can get better but we have chosen to take the easy path.

This is why I fight for humanity and why I seem angry at times, it can get better but we have chosen to take the easy path.

Four words, Television is now dead!

This will not be long and it will hopefully help you to understand some of my passions about life. There are things in life that give you a visceral feeling, the show “Breaking Bad”, has done that on a level that is hard to fully comprehend. There were roughly 62 episodes and in that time period I watched the greatest acting, television, directing, cinematography, and character development ever. It is not hard to put into words what made the show great. It touched you, it showed how real people live life and what decisions sometimes have to be made to survive this thing we call reality. We only exist for a short amount of time on this earth and “Breaking Bad”, told the story of people, some not so great, making those adjustments to survive. When I watched the 1st episode and found out he was at teacher, that being my profession, my jaw dropped and watched with such passion that I would tell my wife to go to bed so I could watch the show because she would not watch it(the violence really gets to her). Jesse Pinkman is now my favorite character created in almost any realm of literature and film. All that is to be said I will try to put as best as my brain can create. This was a kid who saw the bad and wanted the good. Being someone who lived seeing the good and having to search out the bad, it brought a sympathy to my heart that I did not know I possessed for such a seemingly lost soul. Jesse restored my faith that there are good souls out there, but hidden from us all because this world is a terrible place. He feels pain that I hope to never understand and yet he made it through to another place.

I could spend most of the night typing and talking about the characters of the show, but alas I have to walk the dog, get some sleep, and work tomorrow. This show has shown me that true art is out there and I got to experience it with millions of others. Although I watched it alone in my living room, in-laws house, and randomly in places it filled me with a sense of what good writing can do to your soul. Please understand that I think of this as a great book, as great literature. This is something that will be discussed in our universities for years to come and show what a high water mark can truly be. I just have to say thank you to all those that worked on the show. You made me happy that there is passion in what you do everyday. If you have not seen this show please watch it, it will show you what humanity has become.

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