Something I wrote a while back…

My boys kicking the football and enjoying life together.

My boys kicking the football and enjoying life together.

This next paragraph was something that I wrote when my oldest son, the one holding the ball, was just 11 months old. I look back at some of my old writing and really know that I am trying to take everything in that I can. I have always had a desire to live life and writing about my kids seems to bring out good stuff in me. For that I am very thankful and I give you this next writing. It is not very long, but lets you know how I feel about being a father and having a child. I hope you enjoy.

I just spent the last weekend reading, watching college football, and experiencing my son accepting life without pretense. Given it is easier for him to since he is only 11 months old, but the persona that he projects to the outside world is one of pure wonder and hopefulness. I see him everyday and it always amazes me his wonder. Given he is figuring out what is going on in the world and is learning new things everyday, but he is going about it in a way that makes it seem fun and new to me and the people around us. I look into his eyes and see the amazement of what could happen next. Josiah is starting to put processes together to make predictions, but they always seem to be turned toward the positive. He has a positive looking light that fascinates me all the time. He smiles constantly and you can see his belief system starting to form. I know that some people live vicariously through their children and that is detrimental to their’s and their child’s development. To me it is a way of learning from a person who is already heading down a better path than me. He does not have the daily life slog to deal with that brings him down, yet through all that many people in this world only see the positive. I feel that my son is growing into a wonderful human being who will be a positive beacon in this world of so much evil and things amiss. He brings pleasure and wonderment to my existence every moment that he is around. He is our first, so we may get a doubter like me in the mix, but as of right now, Jo-Jo has showed me to always look on the bright side of life.

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