I would like to try something…


I have been thinking a lot about writing better & being more knowledgable about some things. I was wondering if you guys would help me out. Starting January I would like to write a post the first or last week of the month about subjects that people that read this dribble would like to hear about. If you would post in the comment section of this post subjects that you would like me to pontificate on I would really enjoy expanding my mind and maybe giving you guys a similar or different take on the aforementioned subject matter. That 2 birds 1 stone thing, you get subjects you like & I learn & practice writing. It is a win-win. So please help me out and post away. I will 12 topics & hope to write serious, fun, humorous, depressing, uplifting, realistic, or fantastical things about them. Thank you for reading and all the help!

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3 Responses to I would like to try something…

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  2. Randy Smith says:

    Impact of what you read on your thoughts of life. Some people just read ideas they agree with, or just non-fiction because they take themselves too seriously, or just fluff because they feel stressed by life. Not talking about required reading for class or work, but rather free time reading like on vacation or before bed.

  3. Anne says:

    1) I agree with Randy – I am very interested in hearing your thoughts about what you are reading. 2) Also, I know you love and care about food. Your thoughts about food: memories, how have your feelings evolved since beginning to cook some of the foods you eat, favorite foods and why…
    3) parenting – you feel deeply about parenting; how does your upbringing show in your parenting style; what are some of the watershed moments as you look back at parenting your boys; what huge themes do you hope your boys carry forward to the times when they are parents [i.e what are the most important things you ant to pass on?]
    4) How has marriage changed you?
    5) What did you learn from sports that helped make you the man you are?
    I’ll shut up now 😉

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