I do kind of look like a caveman…

The headset for the kid is what put it over the top for me.

The headset for the kid is what put it over the top for me.

So here is an entry about food, one of the things that this site is named after. Since my 3rd back surgery and the doctor’s orders to be less mobile I have put on the pounds. I became less active and have been eating the same amount. This resulted in my getting up to 240 pounds. This is probably the biggest I have ever been and let’s just say it is annoying the hell out of me. Now, all of it is my fault. Walking has been a major part of my routine, since that is about the only activity I was allowed to do for months. The dogs have enjoyed that part because they get out most nights and get 2-3 miles done around Homewood. The other big problem is my schedule as a coach. I stay late two nights a week for games and I normally eat fast food for those nights with bad food and soda. Those nights have been killing me. Now it is time to embark on a different journey, one that has been gnawing at my conscience for years and I have always been telling it to just wait it will get better. My belly sticking out is saying that is not getting better. Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It is time to do something different and the Paleo diet is what I have chosen.

Be aware that I have always said diets are the stupidest things on the planet. I would never go on a diet, my thoughts were always-exercise more and you can eat whatever you want. Now moving into my later 30’s my mortal body has said that is not the case. I am seeing the signs and decided I needed to make a change and a pretty big one at that. I listen to many podcasts, but listening to the Nerdist one day with Chris Jericho, a WWE wrestler, twisted my head. He was speaking about doing things in excess and moved to the topic of his paleo diet and he could eat almost as much as he wanted because the basis for the diet. In a nutshell, you eat like cavemen and ancient civilizations used to eat. Basically you eat meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts( not legumes), and use certain types of oils. The basis being that that you have to eat non-processed foods. My main goal has always been to eat more vegetables and this is how I have decided to make myself do it. Now, since I am the only one in my family committing to this lifestyle I have chosen the path of frozen vegetables and steaming them because I can make enough for me and it doesn’t take that long to cook. I know I know that I am supposed to be using vegetables that are free range and meats that have been massaged by Tibetan Monks every other hour of their existence, but come on people I am trying to get into the swing of this new way of eating. It has to become routine before I can buy tons of food and make sure it does not go bad. I also have to find things to eat and what combinations are good and what works for me. My main goal right now is to substitute all the fast food, candy, and sweets I am ingesting and put in many more vegetables that are good for me. I am avoiding things in a can because I know of the salt content and preservatives packed into those survival drums, but frozen vegetables are a start till I can see what recipes and cooking works and how I can incorporate it into everyday life.

I am seeing the biggest challenge is supply my home with things to snack on during the in between times. I am not much of a snacker, but when I get hungry I find food and it would be better if I could eat a carrot, celery, or an apple rather than grab some chips, M&M’s, or cheese. I have been eating this way for 4 days and I am more hungry than normal, but I also have more energy already. It may be a mental thing, but my energy is up. I do not have crashes after I eat junk, which is the big difference. My body is more even keel. There are not so many ups and downs. My body says eat, I grab a handful of cashews and my body says thank you. I even got home late from my basketball game last night and steamed some broccoli and grilled some chicken and had that as a meal at 9:00. Where as before then I would have run by the golden arches and grabbed a burger, fries, and a big ass Dr. Pepper. My money and mind felt better after the meal and it was downright scrumptious. I am following another blog about this and from the looks of the foods choices on the website it looks like I am going to enjoy this more than I ever would have imagined. Here is the blog called Everyday Paleo that is helping me out. I saw a recipe for homemade mayo and I actually had all the ingredients already in my house, that made me super excited. Another small task that I need to start is that I must plan lunches and meals ahead of time until our home becomes more friendly to less starches and carbs. I am having to think about what I want for dinner and maybe looking at a recipe or two. We all know how busy we are in the world today and that is the excuse that most use to stop doing anything that is good for them. That excuse has been too played out for me and it stops today. There will be more updates as to how this is going and I hope you will enjoy the ride with me, because all this gives me is more fuel to ride my bike!

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