I am angry and let me explain…

Bike commuting makes it so you can see more of this beautiful world.

Bike commuting makes it so you can see more of this beautiful world.

At about the high school level I started looking outside of my little bubble and realized how big and different the world in which I existed really was. Shortly after that realization came the one that I needed to do something to make it better. I saw in the next 23 years many things that have made me really angry and many many injustices that needed to be corrected. Throughout this time in my life it has been a constant struggle internally and externally to fight this battle. On most occasions it just makes me frustrated and angry without any real results. My generation has been introduced to the internet and the power of getting your message out there to the human population. It may be said, why do you get to determine what is right and wrong and what social injustices should be corrected? I do not have a clear answer for you. My murky answer is that if you do not agree that there is a right and wrong then stop reading now. I live under that preface, there is correct and incorrect. I understand that there is a grey area out there, but understanding it is not my forte. My mind works in absolutes. Math is my basis for my logical deductions. There is a correct answer, but there are many ways to reach the same result.

Since my teenage years I have struggled with what is moral and what is immoral. I started putting myself in situations where I saw the bad side of society. My friends did not always make the most moral decisions. The amazing part about this was that my parents allowed this to an extent and that is a credit to their parenting, they allowed me to see what was out there and use the foundation they had built in me to analyze, understand, and ultimately choose a path for myself to follow. Even once I moved into my career I choose to work in places that most never wanted to work. This was not out of some noble means, but my quest to really see how different social classes lived compared to how I was raised. Everyone has a comfort zone and mine is being in really tough situations and also being the minority. It has always worked for me. Most people think I am crazy and that may be true, but it gives me focus and understanding that helps me make sense of this reality.

If I listed everything that I was angry about you may be reading through the next calendar year. There are many things wrong with this world and everyday I hope that I am not one of them. It is my biggest fear in life: What if I am taking and not giving? This propels me in almost every situation that I can imagine. With this comes a very passionate person and you can see that in me when I talk about most things, whether it is a television show, book, or how our socialist educational system is falling apart. Getting animated and “fire-up” about things comes with the territory of being me. I hope that the anger never leaves me because then I will know at my core I have given up and the fight has left me. Maybe in my years to come I will soften, but if I do not see what is wrong with the world and it does not keep me awake at night then it is my time to stop existing. Without that anger and fight I cease to be me. I truly hope that I will always be angry at the injustices in the world whether I can change them or not, but till my dying day I will do what I can to try to make a change in this world not matter if you want me to or not.

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